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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Masti for 9th July 2005

Are your typewriting skills up to the mark? Have you ever lost 16 million dollars with a keystroke? Are you going through a rough patch? Tune in and find out whether NASA is to be blamed.
Masti for 9th July 2005


Blogger ana beynaam said...


i really enjoy listening to masti. it sounds like you're enjoying it too! seriously though. . . funny, good stuff. reminds me of various comedic skits i used to watch and listen to way back when. and playing older songs is awesome too. everything is awesome. keep up the good work!

i know i've missed something. chalo, i'll come back to it when i remember. :)

4:47 pm

Blogger Subroto said...

Finally some feedback. Thanks Ana. Chalo at least there is one listener.

5:29 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...


As much as I would like to listen to your 'vaani', I can't, due to my dial-up connection. I'm thinking of going for DSL next year, then it'll be easier.


5:12 pm


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