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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A blast from the past

Hey here is Masti from 2004. Well 19th June 2004 to be exact and if you have always wanted to be a rock star then maybe we have some tips for you. Masti for 19th June 2004


Anonymous khamkhwa said...

never understood the adage...ignorance is bliss...till i heard masti...at your insistance ;)...it's prolly an acquired taste coz i didn't enjoy the amateurish, school-boyish song of 25th june and there was hardly anything from "mehmaan" which is you...am i right? i will listen-in again if you payme at the hourly rate...but good luck in your future mastiyan....you should have smilies here..:)

3:16 am

Blogger Subroto said...

Can we offer a refund by making you listen to a different Masti?

9:31 pm

Anonymous khamkhwa said...

pant ji...refund is always a monetary gain not further punishment...i may be a paki but still have the dna of my baniya forefathers...let's talk about moolah as a compensation...;)

5:20 am


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